Dairy Products Increase

Stockbreeding bases in different parts of the country are making vigorous efforts to increase dairy products.

South Hwanghae Province took measures to boost the production of dairy goods in Kyenam and other livestock farms and transport them in time to the nurseries and kindergartens in Haeju City.

The Samhun Livestock Farm in Hwangju County, North Hwanghae Province completed new processes for sterilization, inoculation and refining and is turning out large amounts of butter, cheese and other dairy products by introducing lactic bacteria with high activity.

The Unjong Stockbreeding Cooperative Farm in North Hwanghae Province is increasing the weight and breeding ratio of goat by cultivating Aeguk grass, alfalfa and other grasses of high nutritive value on a large scale and processing them.

North Phyongan Province is vigorously promoting the work to build up the capacity of such large livestock farms as the Sinuiju Youth Goat Farm, and stockbreeding bases of cooperative farms in cities and counties. To this end, it directs efforts to increasing the number of milch cows and goats and expanding pastures and overhauling and updating the milk processing equipment.

The Hamhung City Youth Goat Farm and the Hamju County Phyongphungdok Goat Farm in South Hamgyong Province are creating natural pasture in a far-sighted way as suited to their region features, and the Chongjin Goat Farm in North Hamgyong Province is pushing ahead with the work to put feed production on an industrial basis.

The Chollima Steel Complex, Pyongyang Electric Cable Factory 326, Pukchang Area Youth Coal-Mining Complex, Unryul Mine and other factories, enterprises, and coal and ore mines laid full material and technical foundations for increasing dairy products.

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