Shaved Ice Favoured by Citizens

With a long spell of sweltering mid-summer heat these days, the shaved ice stalls in the capital city of Pyongyang are crowded with citizens who are thirsty for the refreshing ice water. The same is the case with the stall affiliated to the district combined restaurant located in Ryonghung-dong No. 2, Taesong District.

“Every day I have a bowl of shaved ice mixed with tomato juice here. Just a few spoons of ice water help me feel refreshed and exhilarating.”

“The shaved ice with tomato juice is good. But the shaved ice with boiled red-bean tastes better for the delicate flavour of red-bean jam mixed with the mouthwatering ice-cream in the middle of the ice.” 

Visitors to this stall have chats pleasantly with each other, tasting various kinds of refreshing shaved ice with strawberry, bog bilberry, fruit of tara vine, peanut, watermelon, etc.

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