Everyone Has a Medical Worker

The Kaeson Polyclinic in Moranbong District in the capital city of Pyongyang is enhancing the role of medical workers in charge of households.

Its medical workers take responsible care of the health of residents of thousands of households. 

O Yong Hwan, 86, a war veteran living in Kaeson-dong, Moranbong District, said: I could become more vigorous even though I am getting older thanks to the sincere efforts of the doctor in charge of my family. I feel like the doctor is one of my family members as she visits my house almost every day for my medical examination.

Early in June, Je Yang Hui, 39, a doctor in charge of households, received a phone call from a resident asking for a sick call.

She hurried to the house of the patient, who fell unconscious because of cerebral hemorrhage.

The old patient’s life was at stake. After taking first-aid measures, she stayed up all night until his conditions got better and sent him to a relevant special hospital.

Kim Kwang Suk, head of a department director of the polyclinic, said: The district doctor system is an advantageous healthcare system which conforms with the intrinsic requirements of the socialist preventive medicine. So, our medical workers in charge of households make devoted efforts to ensure that the residents enjoy better medical benefits of the State.

Every citizen of the DPRK has his or her own healthcare record card in his or her lifetime and receives medical treatment under the responsible and systematical aid of a doctor in charge of households. Whenever one falls ill, he or she calls his or her doctor, and the latter makes medical checkup of residents in the assigned district in a planned, regular way.

The vitality of the district doctor system is being fully demonstrated as the days go by, and it is guaranteed legally under the universal free medical care system.

Thanks to the benefits of the socialist healthcare system, the number of macrobians is on the increase day by day in the country.

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