WPK Central Military Commission Instructs to Urgently Convene Enlarged Meeting of South Hamgyong Provincial Party Military Commission

The Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea on August 5 issued an instruction to urgently convene an enlarged meeting of the South Hamgyong Provincial Party Military Commission for the recovery from damage by downpour and flood and other relevant instructions.

It issued an instruction to grasp the scale of damage by downpour and flood in some areas of South Hamgyong Province, immediately restore the damaged roads in the afflicted areas by mobilizing engineering units and set the units of the Korean People’s Army stationed in the province on the recovery campaign from damage according to the decision of the provincial Party military commission, so as to finish the campaign as soon as possible in cooperation with the forces of the province.

The respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un, taking a measure to urgently supply basic materials necessary for the recovery by using the state reserves, issued an order to render powerful material and financial support from the centre to South Hamgyong Province in its recovery campaign.

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