Korean Photo, Book, Stamp and Handicraft Exhibition Held in Russia

A Korean photo, book, stamp and handicraft exhibition took place in Vladimir Region of Russia to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il’s historic visit to the Russian Federation and the 10th anniversary of his visit to the Siberian and the Far Eastern Regions. It was co-sponsored by the administration and the legislative assembly of the region.

Displayed at the venue of the exhibition were photos showing the exploits of President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il and the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un for developing the DPRK-Russia friendship.

Also on display there were works of the peerlessly great men and photos, books and stamps dealing with the development of Juche Korea and the history of the DPRK-Russia relations and handicrafts associated with the wisdom and talents of the Korean nation.

Present at the opening ceremony were figures of various circles in the region, including those of the administration and the legislative assembly, the DPRK ambassador to Russia and his embassy members.

Speeches were made at the ceremony.

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