August and Folk Customs

In August there are two of 24 seasonal divisions of the year: Ripchu and Choso.

Ripchu, which means the beginning of autumn, falls on August 7 this year.

Choso, which means that the broiling summer heat begins to fade away, falls on August 23 this year.

In this period, peach is under ripening, and rice begins to ripen.

Farmers sowed the seeds of vegetables for making kimchi in the dry fields after harvesting early crops there.

Typical foods in this season were boiled green maize and other various foods which were made of eggplant.

And people took lots of watermelon and melon in order to relieve the heat.

Dabbling in the Taedong River and other folk games were played in this season.

From olden times, the dabbling in the Taedong River was regarded as a must-folk game played by the inhabitants in Pyongyang in August.

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