“Do People Like It?”

Chairman Kim Jong Il, who devoted himself to the wellbeing of people throughout his life, always put a question on his way to field guidance, that is, “Do people like it?”

He was satisfied with the work to be done for the people’s happiness, and when he was told that they felt a trifling inconvenience, he would reproach the officials concerned, saying what the people would say about it.

In June Juche 92 (2003), he visited the Jangsusan Pleasure Ground, a resort which has been called Mt Kumgang in Hwanghae Province (Mt Kumgang is a celebrated one in Kangwon Province) from olden times. While making the rounds of Hyon Hermitage, a pavilion, a newly-built Sokdong Hotel, a rest home for farmers and other places, he repeatedly asked an official whether the resort was frequented by visitors. He was very pleased to hear that it was crowded with many holidaymakers.

One year, he visited the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill. Feasting his eyes on the newly-built sanatorium, he asked the accompanying officials if workers liked it. On a Sunday during the last days of his life, he toured the Amusement Park in Kaeson Youth Park. Looking at a food on the counter of a stand, he said that it was a good thing if people were pleased to take it.

This represented his noble view on the people and his loving care for them, as he regarded their aspiration and demands as the standard of all his thoughts and practices and devoted everything to the undertakings which would bring practical benefits to them, even if it would take a colossal sum of money.

The question “Do people like it?” goes on still today.

Today, the Korean people keenly feel again his warm affection through the instruction of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who always stresses the need for officials to give the highest and absolute priority to the people’s comfort, his determination to work devotedly for them as their true servant, and in the slogan “Everything for the people and everything by relying on them!” put forward by him.

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