US Interference in Internal Affairs of Socialist Cuba Rejected

The US has gone to the extremes in its moves to bring down the governments of independent countries.

As regards the anti-government demonstration that broke out in Cuba recently, the international community expressed support for and solidarity with the Cuban government and people in their efforts for tiding over the crisis.

But the US authorities, deeming it a good opportunity for criticizing Cuba, expressed “support for the demonstration”, saying “the US stands on the side of the Cubans who claim their right to protest.” The US Department of State even announced that it examined options to help the Cuban residents.

It clearly proves that the US was behind the recent anti-government demonstration in Cuba.

The crisis, a direct outcome of the US backstage manipulation and persistent policy of blockading Cuba, is the extension of the US conspiratorial moves to topple down the government of Cuba which is invariably holding aloft the banner of socialism in the Western Hemisphere and to bring down its socialism.

It is well known that the US has made every vicious attempt for several decades to overthrow the legitimate government of Cuba and restore the pro-American reactionary regime.

The US, which had invaded the new-born Cuba after the latter’s victory in the revolution, plotted hundreds of terrorist assassination attempts against its leadership. It has persistently and desperately resorted to heinous economic sanctions, blockade, ideological and cultural poisoning against Cuba.

It has viciously checked the normal development of Cuba by enacting various evil laws including the Helmz-Burton Act and worked hard to foster illusions about capitalism and distrust of their present government among the Cuban people by intentionally tightening and loosening the economic blockade against Cuba.

Recently, it appropriates tens of millions of US dollars for propaganda broadcasting against Cuba in a year while getting frantic in psychological warfare for paralyzing the Cuban people’s revolutionary consciousness and stirring up their internal division and destabilization, using the Internet as a space for scaling up propaganda against the Cuban government and rallying reactionary elements.

The interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state and the moves for bringing down its social system constitute an unpardonable crime violating the basic principles of the UN Charter and international law concerning the respect for sovereignty of other nations, non-interference in their internal affairs and the right to their self-determination.

This can never be an issue confined to Cuba only, now that the US directs the spearhead of attack to the countries aspiring to socialism and makes desperate efforts to disrupt the cause of global independence, the socialist cause.

The US tries to bring down the Cuban government and thwart the global socialist cause. Herein lies the gravity of the danger of the unpardonable moves of the US against Cuba.

Socialism is an independent option of the Cuban people.

No outside force can check the advance of the Cuban people regarding socialism as their faith.

The Cuban people will surely win the struggle for protecting socialism and their revolutionary gains.


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