Photo Exhibition in Honour of Chairman Kim Jong Il

A photo exhibition was held at the Russian embassy in the DPRK on August 3 to mark the 20th anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il’s historic visit to Russia and the 10th anniversary of his visit to the Siberian and the Far Eastern Regions.

On display there were photos dealing with the undying exploits performed by Kim Jong Il and the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un for the development of the DPRK-Russia friendship through their energetic external activities.

Invited there were Im Chon Il, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, and officials concerned. 

Present there were ambassador Alexandr Matsegora and members of the Russian embassy.

Speeches were made.

Speakers said that Kim Jong Il’s and Kim Jong Un’s historic visits to Russia served as important events that made distinguished contribution to further developing the DPRK-Russia friendly relations and ensuring regional peace and security.

Meetings and talks between the top leaders of the two countries marked historic occasions in providing a new motive power of developing the bilateral relations and laying a solid foundation for expanding many-sided cooperation between the two countries, they stressed.

Saying that it is an important guarantee for achieving prosperity of the peoples of the two countries to steadily develop the friendly and cooperative relations on the principles of equality and mutual benefits, they expressed their conviction that the agreements reached at the DPRK-Russia summit meetings and talks would be successfully accomplished by the concerted efforts.

The participants looked round the photos on display.

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