Distance Q&A Service for Agricultural Technology Pays off

The system of distance question and answer service for agro-technology run by the Ministry of Agriculture is paying off.

The system consists of video conference, online lecture and technological information service through the website, etc. It provides officials and working people in the agricultural sector with an access to receive technical lectures and Q&A service on the agricultural techniques, as well as information on the latest research findings and advanced farming experience gained in practice.

Through the video conference they receive the predicted information on the crop growth and lectures on the agro-technical measures according to stage-by-stage farming processes.

An intensive data service which promptly and correctly offers various kinds of comprehensive technical data required by relevant units and urgent lectures on new farming techniques are coming into great favour.

Pak Ok Ju, chief engineer of the Kupho Cooperative Farm in Hwangju County, North Hwanghae Province, said: Since my farm began to receive the distance Q&A service for agro-technology, we could take specific, prompt measures to cope with agro-technical problems arising in each period and the disastrous abnormal climatic conditions, including drought, flood, high- and low-temperature and typhoon. 

The above-said system, which links the DPRK Ministry of Agriculture with scientific research institutions, agricultural guidance organs at all levels and all the cooperative farms across the country through networks, proves its vitality with each passing day.

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