Intangible Cultural Heritage under Protection

More than 100 items have been inscribed on the national and local lists of intangible cultural heritage in the DPRK up to now.

Koryo celadon-making technique, Pyongyang cold noodles, moxibustion therapy and many other items were registered as intangible cultural heritage, and their traditional techniques and skills have been handed down to date.

In particular, the folk song Arirang, kimchi-making custom and ssirum (Korean wrestling) were inscribed on the UNESCO’s Representative List of ICH of Humanity.

In recent years, the Korean wedding custom dealing with the noble sentiments and morality of the Korean nation and the social conditions and manners, and the legends of Moran Hill and Mt Myohyang which tell the patriotic spirit and beautiful life of the Korean people have been inscribed on the list of national intangible cultural heritage of the DPRK.

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