War Veterans Enjoy at Yangdok Hot Spring Resort

The participants in the 7th National Conference of War Veterans enjoyed themselves at the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort before or after the conference.

The war veterans received special hospitality as honoured guests during the recreation.

Walking along the meandering corridors, they feasted their eyes on the beautiful landscape, and had shower baths and spa baths at outdoor and indoor baths. 

They received kind services at the general service centre provided with various sporting apparatuses and cultural recreation facilities, the egg-boiling site and other places, and sang wartime songs and danced to the tune of merry folk songs together with artistes from national art troupes.

War veterans from Pyongyang, Sinuiju, Kanggye, Hamhung and Nampho cities and Unjon and Phungso counties received birthday spreads in the period.

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