Aquatic Resources Increase

This year, fish farms across the country are making achievements in increasing aquatic resources.

South Phyongan Province is directing efforts to building up the material and technical foundations of fish farming.

The Phyongsong City Taedonggang Fish Farm raised one million and hundreds of thousands of fry by means of oxygen generator and water filtering device manufactured and introduced in contact with a relevant unit and stocked the Taedong River with them.

Pedigree fish breeding stations in Sunchon City and Sukchon County created favourable conditions for raising fry by building or repairing natural spawning tanks and other hatcheries.

Officials and employees of pedigree fish breeding stations in Chongnam and Phyongwon counties built protein-rich feed grounds by themselves and are now operating them efficiently.

Several fish farms in South Hwanghae Province are making achievements in fry raising.

Pedigree fish breeding stations in Pyoksong and Kangnyong counties chose feed suitable to the biological features and growth stages of various species of fish and are introducing effective fish farming methods.

Pedigree fish breeding stations in Ongjin and Thaethan counties raised hundreds of thousands of fry by conducting the collection of eggs and their hatching in a responsible way and ensuring water quality and temperature in a scientific and technological way.

Besides, pedigree fish breeding stations in Thaechon and Hochon counties and other fish farms in North Phyongan and South Hamgyong provinces are making vigorous efforts to increase aquatic resources, based on the successes and experience they have already gained.

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