All Efforts Are Directed to Minimizing Drought Damage

Of late, a long spell of high temperature is sweeping through the northern hemisphere.

From mid-July, torrid heat caused by climate change is also being witnessed in the DPRK.

This being the situation, the country is taking positive measures to prevent drought damage to the crops.

The Ministry of Agriculture and other agricultural guidance organs at all levels make sure that watering is done in an intensive manner by securing all water resources and mobilizing various vehicles and pumping equipment. They also ensure that strict technical measures are taken to regularly spray various growth stimulants, biological activators, germicides on the crops and prevent pest damage to be caused by high temperature.

North Phyongan Province is drawing water into paddy and non-paddy fields by making use of thousands of trucks, tractors and small pumps, and covering the fields with green grasses so as to prevent evaporation. 

North Hwanghae Province waged an all-people drive to repair thousands of groundwater-tapping facilities, build dammed pools in more than 320 places and rearrange over 1 800 km-long waterways in a short span of time.

South Phyongan Province is watering large areas of paddy and non-paddy fields every day by increasing the operation rate of pumping equipment and establishing a proper irrigation system.

Farms in South Hwanghae Province ensure that farmers in charge of water control of rice-paddy fields increase their role and that manuring and cultivation of crops are conducted in a scientific and technological way by regularly spraying various kinds of germicides, growth stimulants and biological activators.

Kangwon Province and Nampho City are carrying on intensive watering on the crops early in the morning and in the evening, while pushing ahead with the spraying of foliage dressing and liquid nutrients for promoting the growth of crops.

Officials of the Cabinet, ministries and national agencies are providing on a preferential basis various kinds of water-transport means and pumping and power equipment to several drought-afflicted areas.

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