Effective Therapy to Cure Women’s Diseases

Sex hormone therapy is now recognized as the main remedy for curing women’s hormone dysfunctional diseases with a high morbidity rate in obstetrics and gynecology around the world.

The therapy proves to be highly efficacious in treatment, but it causes many unpleasant side-effects and serious complications.

That is why many countries are intensifying studies of curing women’s diseases with remedies with few side-effects, complications and contraindications.

The obstetrical and gynecological department of the Moranbong District People’s Hospital in Pyongyang of the DPRK has developed a unique method of Stellate ganglion block in close contact with several medical institutions and proved its worth in the treatment of women’s hormone dysfunctional diseases. 

Since 2009, its research team has rehabilitated the physiological function of female hormone secretion by applying the therapy, without using the existing sex hormone drugs.

Not only the patients suffering from such diseases as dysfunctional uterine bleeding, mastopathy, infertility and menopausal disorders but those who had been advised to have a surgical operation are being recovered thanks to this new therapy.

Ri Ok Sil, a 43-year-old woman resident in Kanggye City, Jagang Province, said: In the past I worried about the aftereffects to be entailed by the use of sex hormone drugs. But my worry has gone forever. Now that I am completely relieved of not only the continuous bleeding and pain but other chronic neurological symptoms, I am very happy.

The therapy concurs with the economic interests in the aspect of compensating for the cost price of medicines and can be easily introduced into any medical institutions for its simple administration. So, it is being recognized as a superior popular therapy.

And it has neither side-effects nor symptoms of complications as it does not use sex hormone drugs.

The developers of this therapy hope to make disinterested exchange and joint research with authorized medical bodies around the world.

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