For Victory in the War

On July 27, Juche 42 (1953), the Korean people achieved victory in the Fatherland Liberation War by defeating the allied imperialist forces.

President Kim Il Sung, the outstanding military strategist who was endowed with the love for human beings, led the war to victory.

He roused all the Korean people to defending the country.

On June 26, 1950, the day after the aggressors unleashed the armed invasion of the country, he delivered a radio address to all the Korean people, titled, Go All Out for Victory in the War.

He said: The history of mankind shows that a people that defies death and rises in the struggle for freedom and independence is always victorious. Victory for our people is certain.

Inspired by his address, a large number of youth, students and other people from all walks of life volunteered to fight on the front.

Kim Il Sung advanced the Juche-based military strategies and tactics in every stage of the war.

He created new and unique operational plans and military tactics, including prompt counterattack to beat back the enemy’s surprise invasion and continuous strikes, formation of a second front with regular units behind the enemy lines, active positional defence warfare relying on tunnels, night warfare, and sniping, mobile artillery, anti-aircraft and anti-tank movements.

True to his strategic plans and intention, the soldiers of the Korean People’s Army delayed the landing of 50 000-strong enemy for three days with four guns, sank a heavy cruiser, which had been claimed to be an island on the sea, with four torpedoes, and shot down a strategic bomber and jet pursuit with a propeller pursuit.

The enemy’s “invincible division” and “crack units” were demolished one after another in battlefields, including the battles to liberate Seoul, defend Height 1211 and attack Height 351, the battle on Lake Jangjin and the siege warfare in Hyonri.

Kim Il Sung took warm care of the people and soldiers.

Cherishing it as his theory that the people and soldiers undertake the war and the Supreme Commander exists for them, he saw to it that birthday spreads were arranged for soldiers in the flames of the war and that a KPA subunit was dispatched to an area behind the enemy lines in order to save a technician’s family.

Sometimes, he did not hesitate to cross a dangerous railway bridge and go to the outposts through a hail of shells only to meet with soldiers fighting on the front.

He also took measures to build a rest home for soldiers’ health and enforce the universal free medical service during the war.

In order to live up to his loving care and trust, the Korean people displayed great unparalleled bravery and self-sacrificing spirit in the battles against the aggressors.

The KPA soldiers covered the muzzles of the enemy’s machine guns with their bodies to make a breakthrough for their units’ advance and sacrificed themselves as human bombs to destroy the enemy’s tanks, shouting “Long live General Kim Il Sung!” They also fought bravely behind the enemy lines, wishing for the safety of the Supreme Headquarters.

The workers of Kunja-ri, the women in Namgang village and other people in the rear waged a vigorous emulation drive for increased production and movements for increasing crop yields and assistance to the front and defended their hometowns and villages, displaying the do-or-die resistance spirit.

Under the wise leadership of Kim Il Sung, the Korean people fought closely united around him, displaying patriotism and indomitable fighting spirit and thus created a miracle unprecedented in history in achieving victory in the war.

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