Brickyards Built in Wartime

“On rehabilitating and building a brickyard under the Ministry of Chemical and Building-Materials Industries”.

This was Order No. 386 of the Military Commission of the DPRK President Kim Il Sung issued on June 8, Juche 42 (1953) during the Fatherland Liberation War.

In December Juche 41 (1952), Kim Il Sung mapped out an operational plan to torpedo the desperate attempt of the enemy’s “new offensive” and deal a decisive blow to them and, on the other hand, gave vice-premiers of the Cabinet a task of restoring the destroyed brickyards without delay and build many medium- and small-sized brickyards.

In March next year, he called a consultative meeting of the Cabinet and took specific measures again for the production of cement, bricks and other building materials which would be badly needed for the rehabilitation of the national economy after the war.

That day, he said to the officials concerned in the following vein: Our urban and rural areas, factories and enterprises were completely reduced to ashes by the brutal bombing of the enemy. We should have a correct understanding of the importance of producing building materials for the postwar rehabilitation of the national economy and buckle down to taking measures for restoring and constructing building-materials factories.

And he specified the sites for building brickyards and the ways to solve the problems of manpower, facilities and materials, and training of skilled workers.

As a result, all the measures for production of bricks to be used for the postwar rehabilitation were taken and brickyards built in the wartime.

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