Stars Inscribed on Gun Barrels

On display in the merited weapons exhibition of the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum are various guns and many other weapons and combat equipment which were used by the soldiers of the Korean People’s Army during the Fatherland Liberation War. The stars inscribed on the gun barrels tell the feats performed by the KPA soldiers.

A coast gun inscribed with 29 stars

In March Juche 40 (1951), a KPA company equipped with 107mm guns was ordered to move to the Hodo peninsula on the East Sea of Korea and defend the coast.

Braving the enemy’s heavy bombings and naval bombardments, the soldiers marched to the southern tip of the peninsula and dug over 100-m-long tunnels and built emplacements.

On the sea, the enemy warships cruised for scouting and mine-sweeping operations under cover of tens of airplanes and made bombardments every day, watching for a chance to land there.

The coast artillerymen fought heroically to frustrate the enemy’s attempt of landing. They went into the first action in July and fought 23 battles that year. They performed the feats of sinking 14 warships and destroying 15.

Two DPRK Heroes were produced in the battles.

An anti-aircraft gun inscribed with 12 stars

The artillerymen of the 37mm anti-aircraft gun No. 7741 carried out the task of air defence for the main-force units of the KPA when the enemy launched an armed invasion of the country. They also successfully ensured the transport of war supplies.

After that, they brilliantly performed the duty of defending the Supreme Headquarters of the KPA and protected major power stations and airfields from the enemy’s air raids.

During the war, they moved the A-A gun over 5 000km, shooting down 12 enemy airplanes. The gun was awarded the title of Minchong (Democratic Youth League) in May Juche 42 (1953).

A howitzer inscribed with 109 stars

The artillerymen of 122mm howitzer killed and wounded 3 477 enemies and destroyed 51 guns, 11 tanks and 47 trucks in many battles, including the battle to defend Height 1211.

During the war, they ran the howitzer over 200km, crushing 16 enemy batteries and destroying 18 pillboxes and 12 depots of various kinds.

The howitzer got 21 splinters on its shield.

The 109 stars mean the number of the enemy’s weapons and combat equipment destroyed by the howitzer.

Also displayed in the merited weapons exhibition are an airplane which shot down and destroyed 15 enemy airplanes and Tank No. 312 driven by DPRK Hero Ko Hyon Bin who hoisted the flag of the DPRK on the rooftop of the “Capitol building” of the puppet regime in the operations to liberate Seoul.

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