Order of National Flag Awarded to a Boy

During the Fatherland Liberation War (June 25, 1950-July 27, 1953), many boys of the DPRK formed vanguards to fight bravely against aggressors who massacred cruelly their parents, brothers and sisters and trampled down their dreams.

Among them was the children’s vanguard under the Jinamsan guerrilla army, which was led by Kim Hyong Bong, a student of the then Pyoksong Middle School in South Hwanghae Province.

The vanguard was first formed with several boys. The vanguard members began to make “bottle grenades” with gunpowder and armed themselves with weapons obtained at several battlefields. They also performed the duty as the ri self-defence corps.

In February, they arrested two spies infiltrating from the sea.

On hearing the news about their first victory, the other boys in the village began to join the vanguard one after another.

In April 1951, they arrested four armed spies hiding in an islet and captured two rifles. In summer that year, they wiped out four armed enemies who invaded into Sojae village.

In the course of this, the vanguard developed into a company with four platoons including a girls’ platoon.

The Pyoksong County Party Committee highly appreciated their successes and renamed it as the Jo Ok Hui children’s self-defence corps after the chairwoman of the Pyoksong county women’s union who fought bravely in defence of the country.

The members of the self-defence corps mopped up the remnants of the enemy and reactionaries not only in their native village but in other far-off areas.

In the period from January 1951 to the end of the war, they fought 45 battles, in which they killed, wounded or captured over 200 enemies and took many weapons.

Kim Hyong Bong was awarded a badge of the national model member of the Korean Children’s Union.

President Kim Il Sung made sure that the boy, head of the self-defence corps, was awarded Order of the National Flag Third Class in high appreciation of its feats, and sent him a pistol as a gift.

At that time, the boy was fifteen years old.

During the war, four members of the self-defence corps received official commendations.

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