To Produce More Saplings

Our Kangwon Provincial Tree Nursery is located on the coast of the East Sea of Korea.

Covering an area of tens of hectares, it consists of plastic pane greenhouses, outdoor cultivation ground, circular cutting beds, light substrate production ground, seed selection and sowing ground, etc.

We conduct all the processes of producing saplings, ranging from seed treatment, germinating, weeding, nutrition care to pest control, in a scientific and technical way.

We established a real-time salinity measuring system and installed a combined water quality analyzer as suited to the regional feature of its location on the seashore.

We produced nutritive liquids and botanical agrochemicals conducive to accelerating the early growth of saplings and stamping out harmful insects and invented and introduced ultrasonic waves devices for scaring birds away.

It is very important to decide the right proportion of substrate and ensure disinfection in the production of saplings.

So, we have found out raw materials of light substrate abundant in the province and fixed the rational proportion so as to fully ensure the quality and quantity of light substrate.

Technical study is conducted on a normal basis through the sci-tech learning space.

The system of swapping exchanges and holding distance conference between tree nurseries serves as an effective and profitable study leverage for raising the level of technical skills of our employees and developing and completing advanced sapling cultivation technology.

Many of our employees study at the Distance Education Faculty of Wonsan University of Agriculture.

Our nursery produces over twenty million saplings a year by introducing a two-round cultivation method.

There is a story how it was built as a model and standard of provincial tree nurseries.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un personally chose its site and gave instructions for its construction several times, examined its layouts and dispatched tens of highly skilled workers.

Encouraged by the loving care and trust of him who took specific measures for designing, construction and the supply of materials and equipment, all the people in Kangwon Province completed the gigantic project in over 200 days.

He visited our tree nursery in July 2018. Expressing his satisfaction with the building of another large-scale base for producing tree saplings, he spoke highly of the fact that the province has carried out the gigantic project in a short period and laid solid material and technical foundation to ensure smooth production of saplings.

That day, he stressed the need for our nursery to further raise the scientific level of production and produce more saplings of good species with great economic and ornamental values and suitable to the local climate and soil conditions so that it would give a substantial benefit to afforestation.

At present, we produce such saplings of good species as Larix leptolepis, Kumya black pine, Pinus rigida and Pyongyang maple and such wild fruit tree saplings as Aronia melanocarpa, chestnut tree, black walnut tree and Evodia daniellii to supply them to several units in the province.

It is the unanimous desire of our employees to turn all mountains in the province into “gold mountains” and natural resources bases by producing more saplings.

Pae Yong Suk, manageress of the Kangwon Provincial Tree Nursery

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