A School Famous for Oungum Ensemble

Wasan Senior Middle School of Technology in Sosong District of Pyongyang has been renowned across the country for its oungum ensemble.

The school has played the ensemble in the New Year’s performance, an annual event, national schoolchildren’s art festivals and other celebration performances, always winning great admiration of the audience.

It started to encourage the education of oungum from the early 1980s.

Proceeding from the features of this national musical instrument, the school teaches students to acquire such basic knowledge as its structure and playing posture, and improve their artistic ability through strenuous efforts to attain proficiency in various styles of execution.

With a view to helping students cultivate their singing skills to the full, it also gives education in hearing and sight reading and rehearsals for rhythmic movements and narrative skills.

Other units learn from the experience of this school.

Teacher Pak Son Hui said: Oungum is a perfect musical instrument with which one can play not only national music but children’s and modern music for it has a peculiar tone. We will keep encouraging the rising generations to learn oungum and other national musical instruments.

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