Measures Are Taken to Cope with Unexpected Natural Disaster Crisis

The State Emergency Disaster Committee of the DPRK and the Taedong River Flood Control Centre are scrupulously organizing the work to promptly cope with unexpected situation to be caused by disastrous weather conditions.

The State Emergency Disaster Committee set the period from June to September as the period for coping with emergency disaster crisis and made sure that all the sectors and units stay alert.

Considering the fact that some regions of the country have been hit by a sudden downpour of rain in this period in recent years, it ensured that all the units posted watchmen at the spots of possible danger and fully provided them with necessary facilities.

In particular, it inspected once again the conditions of tidewater control dykes on the east and west coasts and conducted the work to get rid of all shortcomings.

It also ensures that all the provinces, cities and counties take timely measures to minimize damage from possible flooding and typhoon.

Accordingly, efforts are being made to prevent the farmland from flooding and promptly remove damage in case of emergency, and measures are being taken to organize outreach teams and provide ambulances and medicines so as to prevent the loss of life as well as to secure cement, steel and other relief materials.

Meanwhile, the Taedong River Flood Control Centre examined the specific technical conditions of reservoirs and barrages and is now paying great attention to regulating the water level of the Taedong River.

Based on an integrated control system, it is taking measures to prevent flood damage while analyzing in detail the hydrometeorological information which is transmitted on a real-time basis.

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