A Day at the Nursery

A nursery was built in Mirae-dong, Phyongchon District, Pyongyang, when Mirae Scientists Street was constructed on the bank of the Taedong River in 2015.

The four-storey building houses 25 rooms for upbringing children, rooms for physical exercise and intelligent games, wading pool, medical treatment room, ward, and so on.

Walls and ceilings of the rooms, corridors and even stairs are decorated with funny and amusing pictures from animated films and fairy tales.

Mothers say that they are attracted to the nursery by its excellent conditions and environment for the upbringing of children, and what is more, by the nursery staff with admirable qualifications and abilities.

The nursery admits over 600 children for daily and weekly care, and its teachers devote their all to the supervision and care of infants and young children according to nursing and anti-epidemic rules and with maternal love.

At playtime

Mother is very happy at seeing her child playing cheerfully, but the child is often preoccupied by the fun, even neglecting mother.

Likewise, playtime is the most interesting time for children in the nursery’s daily routine but, on the other hand, it makes teachers remain alert for “emergency.”

Children are vying with each other to take the playground slide, swinging together and romping merrily. Girls are just as naughty as boys, running here and there.

In the meantime, some children are engrossed in playing with plastic building blocks or jigsaw puzzles, or doing paper-folding and other intelligent games.

Although they all look mischievous and naughty, teachers pay close attention to them and discover their aptitudes and talents, whatever trivial.

At present, the nursery runs classes of piano, paduk (go) and janggo (a Korean musical instrument) to develop artistic and intelligent talents of children.

Mothers say in unison that their children have formed such a close attachment to the nursery that they prefer to go to the nursery rather than stay at home.

Voices of children laughing and singing merrily reverberate through the nursery and its surroundings, making even passers-by wear a big smile on their face.

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