Unethical Sexual Slavery of Imperial Japanese Army

Japan has revealed shameless nature unique to it again in the eyes of the world.

At the 47th Session of the UN Human Rights Council, the Japanese representative contended it was a cooked-up story that the imperial Japanese army forcibly drafted “comfort women” during the Second World War.

Despite the full disclosure of the criminal fact about the cruelest-ever modern-version sexual slavery enforced by the imperial Japanese army, Japan denies it even on the international stage, a shameless act aimed at evading the legal and moral responsibilities for its past crimes.

It is by no means a cooked-up story that the Japanese imperialists kidnapped countless Korean women to make them sexual slaves for the imperial Japanese army in the past.

Those who were passing by, working at fields and drawing water from wells and even young girls hiding behind their mothers and playing in yards fell victims to the “human-hunting” by the Japanese army. The number totals as many as 200 000.

The Japanese imperialists committed the hideous unethical crime of abusing those abducted women as playthings of the imperial Japanese army at battlefields and then killing them.

Survivors are exposing the crime of the Japanese imperialists as witnesses of history and some assailants who were involved in the abduction cases are testifying to their crimes, repenting of their past.

The testimonies irrefutably prove that the Japanese government and military were directly behind the organization and operation of the modern-day sexual slavery, which was of coercive nature from A to Z.

Nevertheless, Japan flatly denies it, far from feeling responsible for this thrice-cursed crime.

On the contrary, the brazen-faced Japan tries to justify its history of aggression, saying that there is no need to feel guilty about the past history and the Japanese do not have to be burdened with making apologies as 80 percent of them were born after the war.

Not content with insulting the victims of the sexual slavery as “prostitutes” and insisting that wartime rapes are neither war crimes nor crimes against humanity, it goes desperate to delete the sexual slavery part from textbooks to erase the criminal facts.

Worse still, it has banned the term sexual slavery and now attempts to remove the words “service in the war.”

Japan’s behaviour is an intolerable and shameful act and a mockery of and challenge to justice and human conscience in view of human morality as well as international law.

The international community has been appalled by the impudence of Japan that struggles to flee the legal and moral responsibilities for its past crime by denying and hiding its worst-ever unethical crime of violating the basic human rights to existence and women’s dignity through all sorts of deceit and fraud.

Japan’s wrong viewpoint stems from its yearning for the past when it invaded and lorded over other countries and nations and, furthermore, betrays a sinister intention to repeat its history of aggression.

Japan’s crime can neither be erased nor changed, no matter how hard it tries to deny or dodge the responsibilities.

Japan is well advised to know that war crimes must be punished and, especially, a sexual violation of women is a war crime to which no statute of limitations is applicable.

It had better sincerely apologize for the unheard-of crimes and properly settle its past proceeding from guilty conscience, not trying to evade the evident, undeniable crime.

The DPRK will not sit by over the wrong behaviour of the Japanese government that is on the way to another crime against humanity while sweeping the grave crimes committed by the imperial Japanese army under the carpet.


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