Meaningful Souvenir Pictures

The Korean people regard the souvenir photos taken with the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un as their family treasure.

The photos are associated with many episodes.

Early in June Juche 106 (2017), Kim Jong Un visited the Kangso Mineral Water Factory. Before leaving the factory, he had a photo session with its employees. Excited officials and workers gathered close to him.

Looking at a woman worker, he said her face might be screened by a person in front of her. It was because the employees stood in several rows on the flat ground. So, those in the front row sat down on the ground for those behind.

During his visit to the newly-built Kangwon Provincial Tree Nursery, he called at the house of a married couple of discharged soldiers, had a talk with them and had a picture taken with them.

That day, he stood outside for a long time though the day was getting dark, waiting for its employees and their family members to pose for a photo with them.

When he visited Rason City in the northern tip of the country, he said his heart warmed to think of labour feats performed by the soldiers of the People’s Army in the campaign to remove flood damage and that he could not leave without having a picture taken with them, and waited for an hour and a half until tens of thousands of soldiers gathered in a place.

When he inspected the Persimmon-Tree Company, he had a picture taken with its soldiers one by one, reading their minds reluctant to part from him.

During his visit to the People’s Open-Air Ice Rink with its inauguration just ahead, he readily complied with the request of a four-year-old child to pose for a photo.

Looking at those meaningful photos, the Korean people recall with deep emotion his loving care for them.

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