To Bring Up Practical Talents

Myongdang College of Technology is training practical management and technical personnel who will play a major role in boosting production of the Sangwon Cement Complex.

Vice-rector Rim Kwang Chol said: As a factory college, we are directing efforts to training workers into technical personnel possessed of creative abilities. Many of officials, technicians and workers of the complex graduated from our college. They are now playing a major role in cement production.

Competent teachers of the college who are possessed of many-sided knowledge make active contributions to the education of students by steadily creating new teaching methods and developing new subjects as required by the developing reality.

They ensure that the students solve problems arising in the reality through discussions and debates so as to have a full understanding of what they have learned in lessons.

They frequently organize itinerary lessons to help students acquire not only knowledge in their major fields but a wide range of cross-disciplinary science and technology.

Such educational courses enable all the students to fully perform their duty and role in solving sci-tech problems arising in production and business management.

Recently, its teachers and students of the university developed a new control program conducive to the updating of the central control room of the complex, a design for remoulding gas generator at the refractory factory, a technology of reclaiming the head of drilling machine, a rational blasting method, etc.

Their valuable inventions and technical conceptions, which have been introduced into the reality, were highly appreciated in the national program exhibition of education sector and others.

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