Second Enlarged Plenary Meeting of 8th GFTUK Central Committee Held

The second enlarged plenary meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea (GFTUK) was held on July 12 through the video conference system.

It was attended by members and alternate members of the GFTUK Central Committee.

Present there as observers were officials of the GFTUK Central Committee and those of provincial, city and county trade union committees.

The meeting discussed the issue of thoroughly implementing the important tasks set forth by General Secretary Kim Jong Un of the Workers’ Party of Korea in his letter sent to the participants in the Eighth Congress of the GFTUK “Let the Trade Unions Become Advance Units That Open Up a New Era of Upsurge in Socialist Construction in the Vanguard”.

Pak In Chol, chairman of the GFTUK Central Committee, made a report.

He said that the letter is an important guideline for the trade unions to creditably fulfil its mission and duty as organizations in charge of ideological education that bring up the working class and other trade union members into vanguard fighters and as advance units that positively promote the revolutionary advance of a new era.

He called on thoroughly implementing the tasks set forth in the letter so as to fully demonstrate the revolutionary spirit and unity of the working class that are firmly rallied behind the WPK and give strong impetus to the grand all-people advance toward a fresh victory in socialist construction.

Speeches were made at the meeting.

After studying a draft resolution of the meeting, they adopted a relevant decision on it.

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