Fish Farming Is Encouraged

The DPRK encourages fish farming.

The Ministry of Fisheries is promoting cage-net fish farming in rivers, lakes and reservoirs while consolidating the material and technical foundations for raising tasty and nutritious fishes, including catfish, mandarin fish and rainbow trout.

Over 20 units are enjoying the benefits from fish farming by positively introducing animal and vegetable fodder with high productivity and protein content.

The Youth Tudan Pedigree Fish Breeding Station is making efforts to breed fish species which grow fast with a small amount of fodder and have strong vitality, and raise the rate of hatching by installing a new water filter.

The Samchon Catfish Farm is introducing a scientific method of producing assorted feed and making efforts to reuse water.

The Sunchon Catfish Farm arranged ponds according to fish species and their growth stage, and is conducting the feeding and control of water temperature in a scientific way.

The Rinsan Catfish Farm secured a new area of over 1 000 ㎡ for cultivating feed grass and established a gravity-fed water supply system for increasing production while saving electricity.

The Kanggye Pedigree Fish Breeding Station is taking a strict measure for providing feed by building a ground for breeding earthworms. This year alone, it bred many fry and sent them to hundreds of units in the city.

The Ryongsong Machine Complex, Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex, Taedonggang Battery Factory and many other units are conducting fish farming as suited to their actual conditions.

Yomju County built terraced fishponds by making use of valley water, and Sukchon County is raising fishes in paddy fields.

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