Natural Monument—Needle Fir at Jonchon

The needle fir grows at the foot of a mountain in Jolgol (640 metres above sea level) of Waun-ri, Jonchon County, Jagang Province.

Known to be planted around 1480, it is 59.2 metres tall. Its root collar and chest are 6.5 metres and 5.9 metres round each. Its crown is 19.4 metres across east and west and 21.1 metres across north and south, and 409.34 square metres in area.

The branches of this upright tree spread out in orderly rows at the height of 2 metres, thus forming a conical shape. In 1981, the tree was laden with over 100 cones as large as a corn ear.

As the tallest and oldest fir in the country, it was designated as a natural monument as it is of significance in studying its lifetime and peculiarity of growth and adds beauty to the surrounding scenery.

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