Efforts Are Directed to Boosting Power Generating Capacity

Power stations in different parts of the country are making vigorous efforts to boost power generation by building up the foundations of production.

The Pyongyang Thermal Power Station introduced the methods for improving the efficiency of heat insulation and combustion of boilers by making use of insulating bricks developed by itself and diatomite, granite powder and other raw materials abundant in the country.

The Chongchongang Thermal Power Station wages a brisk technological innovation drive for improving the performance of boiler blower, pulverized coal air separator and other equipment.

The Sunchon Thermal Power Station saves large amounts of coal and reagents and increases the thermal efficiency by introducing technologies of automatically controlling boiler combustion and magnetizing water by means of permanent magnet.

Hydraulic power stations keep directing efforts to repairing hydraulic structures and overhauling and updating generating equipment and facilities.

The Namgang Power Station provided a guarantee for increasing the output of each generator markedly as against the previous period by finishing in a short span of time the project to dig out discharge waterway of tens of thousands of cubic metres.

Pujongang, Jangjingang and Hochongang power stations carried out the repairing of holes for intermediate intake, waterway tunnels and other hydraulic structures.

In close contact with scientific research institutions, the Kumya Hydraulic Generating Equipment Factory developed and introduced a paint needed in casting waterwheel runners by means of plastic foam combustion pattern.

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