With an Ennobling Sense of International Obligations

President Kim Il Sung in his lifetime made contributions to realizing the cause of independence of mankind by providing considerable assistance to the national liberation struggle of African countries. The following stories tell the history of his ennobling sense of international obligations.

He rendered active support and encouragement to the Algerian people who launched the anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist armed struggle for the first time in the African continent which had been called the “last refuge” by the colonialists.

He backed up the line of armed struggle of the Algerian national liberation front and gave material aid for its victory. He ensured that the day and week of Algeria were set to extend firm solidarity to the fighting Algerian people, and the DPRK government recognized and established ahead of others the diplomatic ties with their provisional government which was born thanks to their struggle.

His historic visit to Algeria in May Juche 64 (1975) opened a new chapter for the strengthening of the non-aligned movement and the development of friendship and cooperation with the African countries. And he shared fraternal feelings with the leaders and people of Algeria.

He saw to it that the country rendered wholehearted assistance to the national liberation struggle of the Angolan people to free themselves from colonial domination from the late 1960s to the early 1970s and helped them train national liberation fighters. After its independence, he sent large amounts of aid materials to the Angolan government.

The chairman of the Mozambican Liberation Front and commander-in-chief of the Mozambican Liberation People’s Army visited the DPRK in September 1971 to meet with Kim Il Sung. True to the President’s instructions, he strengthened the internal force of the liberation front and built secret guerrilla bases in the primeval forests, and destroyed the enemies in reliance on them, always taking the initiative in battles.

He finally put an end to hundreds-of-year-long colonial rule and achieved the complete independence of his country. On the platform of a meeting to declare the historic event he said as follows: As the great Hero Kim Il Sung indicated the road ahead of us, we could cut off the chains that had bound our ancestors and ourselves hand and foot, and free ourselves from the fate of slaves. Let us extend our gratitude to him in the name of our ancestors.

Afterwards, he made sure that the most beautiful street in the capital city of Maputo was named after Kim Il Sung.

The President extended active support and solidarity and selfless assistance to the peoples of Zimbabwe, Uganda and Namibia for national liberation struggle.

Afterwards, it became a byword in the African continent that one must meet with President Kim Il Sung in order to emerge victorious in the revolution of his country.

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