Japan’s Naming of Warship after Its Erstwhile Imperial Navy’s Cruiser Blamed

Recently, the Japan maritime “Self-Defence Force” held a launching ceremony of a new-type escort ship.

What should not be overlooked is the fact that the ship was named after the light cruiser Noshiro of the imperial Japanese navy which had gained notoriety during the Second World War.

Commenting on it, even Japanese media expressed concern, recalling that the light cruiser Noshiro was in commission for the past imperial Japanese navy.

Last November, too, the maritime SDF named a newly-built escort ship after a light cruiser that had served in the imperial era of Japan.

This fully reveals the wild ambition of the Japanese reactionaries to avenge their past defeat at all costs.

Now, the international community endeavours to curb the revival of fascism and safeguard peace, mindful of the history of wars which brought excruciating disasters to humankind in the past century.

However, since its defeat, Japan, a war criminal nation, has praised its departed militarists under the eyes of the international community and justified the blood-stained history of its imperialists’ aggression, while working hard to revive the past.

The Japanese reactionaries remain unchanged in their revanchist ambition, as evidenced by the annual official visits and offerings to the Yasukuni Shrine made by a host of politicians and shameless distortion of history and retrogressive constitutional revision.

Notably, Japan has gone to the extremes in its frantic moves to make itself a war-capable state, which are aimed at launching reinvasion.

Amid a steady increase of defence cost, Japan lavishes the hugest-ever funds into the development, production and purchase of offensive military hardware.

This year alone, multi-purpose escort ships and submarines and other kinds of warships were built and officially commissioned, and the development of the next-generation fighters, drones and aircraft-launched long-range cruise missiles is being pushed ahead with.

Shortly ago, Kyodo News said that the Japanese government has launched a full-scale examination on the enforcement of the law concerning the SDF’s activities for tackling any emergency situation in surrounding areas.

Japan is supplying missiles and ammunition to the units of the ground SDF deployed on Miyako Island under the pretext of coping with any possible clash with neighbouring countries.

The above-mentioned naming of vessels after the warships of aggression in the imperial era clearly indicates the final goal of Japan’s moves for hastening militarization and turning itself into a military giant.

Japan is rushing toward reinvasion by driving such warships as Noshiro.

Japan in an attempt to revive the history of aggression and crimes by its former imperial army is just a dangerous architect of calamity that threatens global peace and security.


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