Green Life-Activation Card

The Botany Institute under the State Academy of Sciences has developed green life-activation cards, which are winning public favour.

Divided into two kinds of cards for healthcare and water-activation, they are made of high-purity tourmaline with a great capacity of emitting far infrared-rays and anion, and other materials.

They emit anion once they absorb external energy (body heat, pressure and sunshine). The anion is absorbed into the respiratory organs and the skin to prove effective in preventing and treating respiratory, circulatory and digestive diseases.

The healthcare card can be attached to any part of the body, or acupoints and the part of lesion.

The water-activation card is attached to the surface of a plastic container or bucket at a two-thirds height of them.

Choe Il Ho, resident in Sanghung-dong, Sosong District, Pyongyang, said: I suffered from nephrolithiasis for a long time in the past. I would stop its attack with an anodyne. Since I used this card, I have been freed from the paroxysm of its attack and dull pain. And I have experienced no such symptoms up to now.

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