For Irrigation of Terraced Dry and Paddy Fields

One day in September Juche 65 (1976), President Kim Il Sung guided a meeting of primary officials from ten cooperative farms in Sangso-ri of the then Anju County.

Based on the analysis of poor crop yield in Sangso-ri, the President attributed the reason to the drought.

As the area was located in the highlands, it required huge amounts of materials, facilities and manpower for the farms to start a project for drawing water from the nearby Lake Yonphung. Even if they succeeded in the project, the area for irrigation would cover only tens of hectares, including secluded dry fields and terraced paddy fields in the valleys.

It was difficult for officials to expect a good result of the investment from the project, so no one dared to make a decision.

This being the situation, Kim Il Sung said as follows: Even if it is like employing a steam-hammer to crack a nut, we should draw water from the lake. The State would provide all the necessary facilities and materials.

Afterward, several pumping stations were built in tiers in the mountains of Sangso-ri, with the result that the farms could reap rich harvest every year in the sloping fields on the ridges where crops would wither after three-day-long drought.

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