Best Things to Children

The following happened one day in September Juche 50 (1961).

During his guidance trip to Kangwon Province, President Kim Il Sung visited a children’s union camp and looked round its dining hall.

After carefully examining the analysis table of various dishes on the menu, he underscored the need to increase the portion of meals and supply more eggs, fruits and sugar favoured by children.

At a bedroom, he said the bedspread seemed to be too big and heavy for children and that a blanket would be better than a bedspread in summer and stressed the need to supply campers with quilted bedspreads in the future.

Then, he instructed to furnish the camp better as suited to the children’s inclinations and tastes, pointing out such issues of exchanging faucets with better ones, hanging pictures favoured by children on the walls of corridors and exchanging mirrors with bigger ones so that campers would see their whole body.

That day, he said there was nothing to spare for children and that they must be provided with the best things.

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