Band of State Affairs Commission Gives Performance

The Band of the State Affairs Commission began its performance at the Samjiyon Theatre on July 2, drawing a full house.

Creators and artistes in Pyongyang enjoyed the performance.

The performance, which started with “Our National Flag”, was run through with friendly and fervent emotional exchange between the performers and the audience.

Put on the stage were odes to the Workers’ Party of Korea that represented every decade of the Juche revolution characterized by victories and glory.

The theatre resounded with such famous songs as “Long Live the Workers’ Party of Korea”, “O the Motherly Party Protects My Destiny” and “I Love My Mother” praising our Party for adding shine to the noble history of people-first principle.

In particular, the affectionate melodies of “Our Mother” and “We Follow His Tender Heart,” which have touched the heartstrings of all people across the country right after their release, brought the audience to a great musical world.

The audience was deeply moved by the famous songs of the times, which give a vivid description of how the Korean people came to enjoy dignity, glory and happiness, and of their faith to invariably follow and uphold the great Party.

The medley of marches for the military parade which was held to commemorate the 8th WPK Congress and the medley of dynamic military songs praised with great pride the greatness of our Party which has built the invincible military force with outstanding ideology and extraordinary art of leadership and confidently writes a new history of a powerful nation which is winning victory after victory.

The performance, which proceeded amid great emotion, excitement and stormy applause, reached its climax with the song “We’ll Travel One Road Forever” which reflects the steadfast faith of the Korean people to go along the road of the revolution forever, rallied closer in one mind and purpose around the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who represents the banner of all victories and glory and the destiny and future of socialist Korea.

The performance goes on.

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