Study-While-You-Work System and Distance Education System

The study-while-you-work system is an education system for working people to learn while engaging in their jobs.

The DPRK, which established a regular education system and a study-while-you-work system according to the principle of teaching not only the rising generations but all other people, is steadily developing them as required by the reality.

After Korea’s liberation from the Japanese military occupation on August 15, 1945, many schools for adult education were set up in different parts of the country, and evening and correspondence courses in colleges.

During the Fatherland Liberation War (June 1950- July 1953), such a new type of education system as factory college was established.

With socialist construction gaining momentum, factory, farm and fishermen’s colleges were set up in large industrial establishments and agricultural and fishing sectors, and the system for giving all people education, including evening and correspondence courses, was established.

As required by the developing revolution in which precedence is given to science and technology and the demand for technical personnel increases day by day, the country advanced the policy of making all the people well-versed in science and technology. It is also promoting the work to increase the number of part-time institutions of learning and turn correspondence course into distance education and improve its quality.

In the new century, the Distance Education Faculty of Kim Chaek University of Technology started the first lesson. At present, the similar system has been introduced into many universities across the country, in which a large number of working people have been enrolled.

Among them are leading officials of factories, scientists, technicians, workers, farmers and even persons with disabilities.

The practical talents required by the production site of various fields are being trained through online education.

The online education is an advanced teaching method to which anyone can have an access at his or her will, regardless of the place.

That is why more and more people apply for this education.

The conditions and environment for all-people education are fully provided thanks to the study-while-you-work system, and all the working people engage in their work while learning to their heart’s content under the benefit of free education.

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