Japan’s Whaling Slammed

Days ago, a whaling ship set sail from Shimonoseki Port in Yamaguchi Prefecture of Japan.

This ship will reportedly hunt whales in the Pacific until mid-November together with a factory mother-ship that will leave a port in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Japanese fishing boats’ massive involvement in whale-hunting was a hot topic of the media in April.

Japan’s such selfish behaviour of pushing fishing boats into whale hunting for making profits, dismissive of the international community’s strong opposition, is a shameless act unique to Japan, which brings to light the true nature of the island nation that does not hesitate to exterminate the protected animal, the asset common to mankind, for the sake of its own interests.

As is well known, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) banned commercial whaling in 1986 in order to protect whales from extinction.

Nevertheless, far from observing the decision of the IWC, Japan has caught 850 whales a year on average under the pretext of “scientific survey and study” by abusing the commission’s permission to catch some for scientific research.

The International Tribunal Court ruled that Japan’s whaling “for scientific survey” should be halted immediately, labelling it as an illegal act for making profits in March 2014. Despite the international community’s such rejection, Japan went so shameless as to scale up its whaling.

To hunt whales, not bound by law, it took off the disguise of “survey and study” and even withdrew from the IWC.

After resuming commercial whaling, Japan makes a frontal challenge to the efforts of the international community to improve and protect the whale resource while justifying its indiscriminate whaling as a “traditional culture.”

There are many countries in the world and each country has its own cultures and traditions. But it is only Japan that brazenly commits a crime against mankind, considering it as its culture.

Japan’s such despicable behaviour is not surprising in view of the fact that it describes its “war for the greater east Asia” that brought untold misfortune and pain to mankind in the last century as “war of justice”.

Being indifferent to the whales on the verge of extinction and the destruction of ecological environment, Japan seeks its own interests only. It is a barbarous state that deserves denunciation by mankind and a dangerous country that leaves no stone unturned for its immediate, trifling profits.

Japan should stop at once its act of wrecking the cradle of human civilization, well aware of the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its whale-hunting.


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