Masters of Revolution

In reflection of the practical requirements of the Korean revolution, President Kim Il Sung authored the Juche idea, which elucidated that the masses of the people are the masters of the revolution and construction and they also have the strength to promote the revolution and construction.

With a great ambition to liberate Korea by putting an end to the military occupation of the Japanese imperialists (1905-1945), he embarked on the road of the revolution in his teens.

The nationalists and the earlier communists in the 1920s were busy collecting donations or war funds from people, far from inspiring them to the revolutionary struggle by educating and rallying them organizationally.

Insisting that they were the only “orthodox” and genuine “Marxist” groups, they called frequently at the Comintern to gain their approval and even endeavoured to achieve the independence of Korea with the help from other countries. Their factional strife for hegemony and the conflicts within armed groups resulted in such a tragedy as taking the lives of many people.

With his keen insight into such a situation, he explored a new road with a determination to rely only on the strength of the masses of the people and wage a bloody war against the Japanese imperialists by uniting 20 million Koreans.

He made clear his unshakable faith and will in his report, titled, “The Path of the Korean Revolution” at the meeting of leading personnel of the Young Communist League and the Anti-Imperialist Youth League held in Kalun from June 30 to July 2, 1930.

He said as follows: It is most important to take the firm standpoint that the masters of the Korean revolution are the Korean people, and that the Korean revolution should by all means be carried out by the Korean people themselves in a way suited to the actual conditions of their country. Only when they adopt this standpoint towards the revolution can they map out a correct line and policy and achieve the sacred cause of national liberation.

His historic report was a declaration of proclaiming the creation of the Juche idea.

The Juche idea has been consistently embodied in the whole course of the Korean revolution.

True to his Juche-oriented line of armed struggle, the young Korean communists were rallied closely behind him. With the preparations for launching an armed struggle gaining momentum, the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army (it was reorganized as the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army later) was founded in April Juche 21 (1932).

The guerrillas wrested weapons from the enemy to arm themselves and made weapons by themselves even under the difficult conditions without any state backing or support from the regular army. Workers, peasants, intellectuals and other people from all walks of life rendered active assistance to the guerrillas. The Korean people, through arduous struggles, defeated the Japanese imperialist aggressors and achieved the historic cause of national liberation in August 1945.

After the liberation, they stepped up the building of a new Korea in hearty response to the call of Kim Il Sung for positively contributing to the nation-building, those with strength dedicating their strength, those with knowledge devoting their knowledge and those with money donating their money. They displayed unparalleled bravery and heroic self-sacrificing spirit in the Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953) to beat back the imperialists’ armed invasion, thus creating a miracle of achieving victory in the war unprecedented in history.

With a high level of consciousness and revolutionary enthusiasm that they were the masters of the revolution, they gave fullest play to their inexhaustible creative strength and wisdom in the postwar rehabilitation and socialist construction. As a result, they carried out the socialist industrialization in a matter of 14 years and built a socialist state, independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defence.

The Korean people, who have staunchly safeguarded socialism and stepped up the victorious advance of the revolution in the face of manifold trials and challenges from one decade to the next and from one century to the next, are now dynamically advancing towards a fresh victory of socialist construction.

The Juche idea has been the eternal guiding ideology of the Korean revolution.

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