Ancient Tombs and Relics Discovered

Historical remains and relics belonging to the period of Koguryo are being discovered one after another in the area around Wolji-ri, Anak County, South Hwanghae Province.

Most recently, archaeologists of the excavating party under the Archaeological Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences have unearthed in the area once again nine earthen tombs with stone chambers and lots of relics such as gold bell, silver bracelet, silver ring, coffin nails and pieces of earthenware.

The tombs are distributed in the wide area of Wolji-ri seat. Each earthen tomb has one chamber, which is made of trimmed stones. The size of chambers is 2.3-3.24 metres long and 1.4-2.15 metres wide.

Each of the tombs consists of a passage and a stone chamber.

The passages lie in the centre of the south walls of chambers or close to the east.

The floor of a chamber was hardened with clay and then covered with charcoal and plastered with lime. The walls were piled up with trimmed stones and their surface was coated with lime the thickness of which is 1-2 centimetres.

On the floor of each chamber is a bier standing in east-west or south-north direction.

At present, the Archaeological Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences keeps investigating the Wolji-ri area in Anak County.

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