Women Meet to Pledge Loyalty to Party Leadership

A meeting of officials and members of the women’s union took place on June 24 on Mansu Hill where stand the statues of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

It was attended by Ri Tu Song, department director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, and the delegates to the Seventh Congress of the Socialist Women’s Union of Korea.

Prior to the meeting, the participants laid a basket of flowers, bouquets and flowers at the statues of the great leaders and made a deep bow to them.

Kim Jong Sun, chairwoman of the SWUK Central Committee, read out a letter of pledge to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

The letter expressed the determination of the participants to give fullest play to the indomitable will of the Korean women in the struggle for winning a fresh victory in socialist construction, bearing deep in mind the great trust and expectation of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un of the Workers’ Party of Korea who has sent a letter to those attending the Seventh Congress of the SWUK and showed close concern for its successful holding.

The participants were firmly resolved to strengthen the women’s union to be a powerful unit in propelling the advance and development of the Korean-style socialism, with a steadfast faith that the road ahead of the women’s movement will always be resplendent only with victory and glory as it is led by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the outstanding leader of the Juche revolution.

Speeches were made at the meeting.

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