Scientific Methods Are Introduced into Farming

The provincial agricultural science institutes of the DPRK are working hard to develop scientific farming methods to meet their regional features.

Kangwon Province developed highly-efficient granulated compound fertilizer and the method of applying it, and generalizes it in all parts of the province.

In close combination with the Kangwon Provincial Rural Economy Committee, it supplied all cities and counties with the equipment for producing granulated compound fertilizer, and dispatched scientists to prove its effectiveness in practice.

It also produced and supplied liquid compound fertilizer and various other foliage fertilizers for stimulating the nutrition of paddy rice, and is making efforts to study and apply rational methods of increasing the efficacy of soil-friendly herbicides.

North Phyongan Province set it as its important goal to increase grain production on low-yielding fields, and is vigorously disseminating over 100 pieces of technical information dealing with various cultivation and disinsectization methods for different species of crops.

South Hamgyong Province made sure that the scientists dispatched to the cities and counties established a crop growth forecast system in a down-to-earth way as suited to the features of relevant units so as to promptly transmit necessary information to cooperative farms, workteams, sub-workteams and farmers.

South Hwanghae Province is making big strides in breeding salt-resistant rice strains as tideland occupies a large part of its area.

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