Innovations in Manufacture of Custom-built Equipment

Factories and enterprises in the mining-machine industry sector are pushing forward with the manufacture of custom-built equipment while steadily expanding and building up their production capacities and foundations.

The Ranam Coal-mining Machine Complex is waging a brisk mass technological innovation drive to improve the technical conditions of equipment for each process, and promote as planned the production of efficient machines and accessories needed for coal and ore mines.

The Jonchon Rock-Drill Factory is turning out in a serial way a new type of advanced technology-applied rock-drill.

The Anju Pump Factory is producing various kinds of pumps to be sent to the coal-mining industry sector and the site of building 10 000 flats in the capital city of Pyongyang.

The Tongnim and Sariwon mining machine factories are increasing the production of pneumatic muck loaders and accessories for face equipment.

The Sinuiju Mining Machine Factory is making efforts to improve the quality of steel of castings necessary for the production and repair of coal wagons and mine cars.

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