Short Course Given for Participants in Women’s Union Congress

A short course was given for the participants in the 7th Congress of the Socialist Women’s Union of Korea in Pyongyang on June 22.

The venue of the short course overflowed with enthusiasm of the participants in the congress to deeply grasp the main idea and contents of the important letter sent by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un and make a tangible contribution to implementing the decisions of the Party Congress and the plenary meetings of the Party Central Committee by remarkably enhancing the fighting efficiency of the women’s union in the historic advance toward a new victory of our own-style socialism.

Ri Tu Song, department director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, delivered a lecture at the short course.

The short course dealt with the principled and practical issues arising in turning the women’s union into a powerful force and mighty political organization for the development of the state and society by making a fundamental turn in its work, as required by the developing revolution.

The lecturer stressed that the historic letter sent by the respected General Secretary

Kim Jong Un serves as the immortal great programme clarifying the tasks and ways to rally the women’s union members closer around the Party and greatly inspire them to the drive for socialist construction at a crucial time when a great turn is witnessed in the Korean revolution.

The short course dealt with the issue of further intensifying the work for thoroughly establishing the unified leadership system of the respected General Secretary.

Underlining the need to regard it as the core of its work to model the whole union on the revolutionary idea of the General Secretary, the lecturer called for intensively conducting the wide-ranging education in the loyalty toward the leader in various forms and by various methods.

He also stressed the need to put substantial efforts into the work for defending and glorifying the leadership exploits of the Party with a detailed methodology, make sure that the organizations at all levels convey and disseminate the Party policies promptly and correctly to the lowest-echelons and map out plans for carrying them out, and strictly review the work for their implementation and take relevant measures.

The short course dealt with the issues of thoroughly implementing the decisions of the 7th congress of the women’s union by regarding the fighting tasks set forth at the 8th Party Congress as the guidelines.

The lecturer stressed that all the participants in the women’s union congress should seriously accept the decisions of the congress as the organizational intention and supreme task of the entire union and should never forget even a moment the fact that to thoroughly implement the decisions of the congress is the fundamental guarantee for defending and glorifying the undying leadership exploits of the respected General Secretary.

The short course specified the important issues arising in working out detailed plans for making the organizational and political work for thoroughly implementing the decisions of the congress the course of ideological mobilization, operation and assignment of tasks so as to awaken the officials and members of the women’s union to their revolutionary duty.

The lecturer called on all the participants to live up to the great trust and expectation of the Party Central Committee by devotedly implementing the important tasks set forth in the historic letter of the respected General Secretary, cherishing the absolute loyalty to the Party and the revolution, pure conscience and a sense of obligation.

The short course was held amid a high enthusiasm of participants to dedicate themselves to accelerating the victorious advance of the Korean women’s movement and making sure that the women’s union fulfills most successfully its role as a transmission belt for and reliable assistant to the Party in the efforts for accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche.

Before and after the congress, the participants toured different places in Pyongyang.

At Mangyongdae, the time-honoured birthplace of President Kim Il Sung, they recalled the sacred career of the President who was born as the son of working people at a low-roofed thatched house and dedicated himself for the good of people throughout his life, believing in them as in Heaven.

At the “Hall of the Great Leaders and Their Comrades-in-Arms” in the Korean Revolution Museum, they hardened their determination to absolutely trust in and follow the respected General Secretary only and share their idea, destiny, intention and feelings forever with the Party, deeply realizing that the revolutionary comradeship is the foundation of single-minded unity and the driving force for the Korean revolution.

They also visited the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill, watched a film and conducted other diverse political and cultural activities.

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