Frozen Potato Cake and Noodles

The frozen potato cake and noodles are the specialties of Ryanggang Province, which is located in the northern highlands of Korea.

From olden times, the locals have planted potatoes as the area has physiographic conditions favourable for potato cultivation.

They dug out potatoes, which remained buried under the ground, in spring next year and peeled and dried them.

And they used to smash and soak them in water several times before desiccation, and knead them to make cake or noodles. Their taste was so peculiar that the foods became the local specialties.

The foods with black colour are easily digestible and very tasty.

The cake is made in various kinds by stuffing it with red-bean jam or fried vegetables, and it is a little chewy.

The noodles are characterized by plump strips. They are served by putting them into soybean soup with pounded sesame and garnished with leaf-mustard kimchi, a special food of Ryanggang Province.

The foods, good for health and especially for diabetics, won special prizes in the national local special food exhibition and the national food show.

They made their way into several areas beyond the province. In the capital city of Pyongyang there is Amnok Restaurant which specializes in the foods.

Ju Jong Suk, a resident in Tongmun-dong No. 2, Taedonggang District, Pyongyang, said she would make special foods with potatoes on folk holidays every year and share them with her neighbours, promoting harmony with them.

Many people on a tour of the revolutionary battle sites in Ryanggang Province expressed their admiration for the foods prepared from frozen potatoes.

The locals take it for their pride to serve youth and working people on a visit to the province with potato foods.

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