Vegetable Species Increase

The Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute under the Academy of Agricultural Science is achieving successes in its efforts to breed new species of vegetables with high productivity and nutritive value and increase their output.

In the past, it inscribed over 50 new species on the list of national agrotypes. Among them are functional vegetables “Gynura bicolor DC-1” and “Sedumkamtschaticum Fisch-1” with high edible and medicinal value, which are acclimatized to the local climate and soil conditions.

In particular, the hotness of “Capsicum chinense Jacquin-1” is 7 to 8 times stronger than other species and has strong resistance to diseases. And “Capsicum annuum var. grossum Sendt” contains rich minerals.

Its researchers solved such sci-tech problems as the methods of supplying nutritive liquid and managing the environment and the early diagnostic technique of nutritive conditions based on images and data, with the result that the output of tomato increased to hundreds of tons per hectare.

They are also rendering services to vegetable production by disseminating various kinds of books and multimedia related to its cultivation in greenhouses across the country.

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