For More Cultured Living Environment

Ryongsong District is located on the outskirts of Pyongyang Municipality.

In conformity with the geographical features of the district, the afforestation station is conducting afforestation and greening work effectively.

It is promoting in a planned way the work to provide its citizens with more beautiful natural and living environments by planting trees as suited to the landscape of residential areas, public buildings and streets.

At present, it is planting many trees of good species and high ornamental effects, including Acer rubrum, Ulmus macrocarpa and improved poplar tree.

While making hedges of various forms, it is laying out parks and resting places in a unique way by planting various species of flowering trees and shrubs in groups or individually.

It is also planting many Zoysia tenuifolia and other covering plants around roads, buildings and rivers.

Its manager Jang Myong Song said: Lush greenery offers fresh air, clear water and beautiful landscape to the city. We will provide citizens with more cultured living environment by further improving the work of afforestation in the district.

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