Benefits of Free Medical Care

One day in May, a happy news came to the family members of Kung Un Sil in Neighbourhood Unit No. 13, Paegun-dong, Kusong City, North Phyongan Province.

It was that the 36-year-old woman, who had been diagnosed as the mitral stenosis and urgently sent to a hospital in Pyongyang, would return home soon.

A few days later, her family members and neighbours had a reunion with her. Everything seemed to them like a dream , so they stayed up all night, talking about her inpatient life.

It was in February when medical workers of the cardiac surgical department of the Kim Man Yu Hospital received the patient in a critical condition.

Looking at her clinical record card, Ri Song Jin, head of the department, became strained.

The patient had to have an operation for survival, but her physical condition was too bad.

A consultation was held immediately to discuss a first-aid treatment plan and measures for improving her condition and, a few hours later, she could have an operation.

Surgical operation lasted for about 7 hours.

Her life was saved after the operation, but she was still in a coma.

Medical treatment for her survival continued again for 12 days in the emergency room.

Thanks to the devoted efforts of medical workers to restore her health, she was brought back to life and left the hospital.

Kung said: I have had no idea of what kind of medicines I’ve taken during the hospitalization. Not only I but other inpatients did not know about the names of medicines they’ve used. What was more surprising was that none of them knew the medical charges. The hospital also gave me these tonics for the improvement of my health.

Since then, a doctor of the Kim Man Yu Hospital in charge of her would regularly make a phone call to ask about her health.

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