13 000 Hectares of Tideland Reclaimed

Tideland builders in North Phyongan and South Hwanghae provinces completed the Honggondo and Ryongmaedo tidelands reclamation projects, which put over 13 000 hectares of new land under cultivation.

The project for reclaiming Honggondo tideland in North Phyongan Province, the largest in its scale in history of tideland reclamation, was carried out in two stages.

The tideland builders finished within four years the second-stage project, thereby breaking the established theory that the project would take eight years.

Those engaged in reclamation project in South Hwanghae Province created a new construction speed by completing the reclamation of the third and fourth districts of Ryongmaedo tideland in a little over two years and shortened the duration of the project by some five years.

Huge beltways are formed from Ansan-ri in Tongnim County to Sinmi Island in Sonchon County of North Phyongan Province, and from Sinsaeng-ri to Sinphung-ri, Chongdan County in South Hwanghae Province.

It is not a distant future to witness a bumper crop harvest from the new arable land.

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