Harmonious Whole of the Party and the Masses

Throughout the period of leading the Workers’ Party of Korea, Chairman Kim Jong Il formed a harmonious whole of the Party and the masses of the people by strengthening and developing the WPK into a motherly party that serves the people.

One January day in Juche 79 (1990), he told officials in the following vein: The masses of the people are the motive force of the revolution and construction, and they have an inexhaustible strength and wisdom. Ours is the party that serves them, and all its lines and policies are geared to their good. Now, the Korean People’s Army has a slogan “We serve the country!”, and the slogan of our Party officials must be “We serve the people!”

One year, he recalled as follows: He put forward the slogan “Let the whole Party go among the masses!” long ago and made sure that officials go among the masses and work in reliance on their strength. And he earnestly asked them to go always among the masses and make it part of their everyday life to carry out the revolutionary tasks relying on their strength, with a correct attitude towards them.

It was his unshakable creed that the Party should be a mother serving the people with its roots struck deep among them.

Kim Jong Il led the WPK to perform its noble mission and responsibility of being a motherly party that serves the people.

Even at a time when the country was in a difficult situation, he ensured that the Party and the state invariably pursued the people-oriented policies and made devoted efforts to improve the people’s living standards.

One day in March 2006, he visited the Samsu Power Station under construction in the northern part of the country. At that time, officials told him that they planned to carry on the project after evacuating the inhabitants from the area and make them live together with other families for a while. He felt worried about their report and asked them to build houses before evacuating the residents.

He saw to it that an enlarged meeting of the executive committee of the Ryanggang Provincial Committee of the WPK was convened to discuss the issues of building houses for the evacuees and ensuring their livelihood, and that urgent measures were taken to solve them at the joint conference of the WPK Central Committee and the Ryanggang Provincial Committee of the WPK.

Later, a dynamic campaign was launched to build houses for the evacuees in a matter of several months, with the result that the evacuees were provided with modern houses, household articles and daily necessities.

Stockbreeding bases, condiments factories and fruit farms built in different parts of the country, public service facilities including the renovated Okryu and Chongnyu restaurants, farms of sturgeon, terrapin, eel and salmon, modern dwelling houses in Mansudae and Haebangsan streets and others are associated with Kim Jong Il’s loving care for and devotion to the people.

Under his close concern, the Pyongyang Grand Theatre, Moranbong Theatre, Central Zoo and other structures were renovated splendidly, and Mts Myohyang, Chilbo and Kuwol and other celebrated mountains laid out in a superb way to provide the people with excellent conditions for their cultural and leisure activities.

His energetic leadership provided the fundamental source for the WPK to remain etched in the mind of the people as a benevolent mother and form an integral whole with them.

Thanks to the might of this integral whole wherein the Party takes care of the people with maternal affection and the latter absolutely trust in and follow the former, the WPK has been able to advance victoriously against the trials and difficulties facing the revolution and creditably perform its sacred mission.

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